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Avid YouTube user can find PiP mode free now for all user, those who are using Android Oreo 8.0 or later version. This feature already arrived for YouTube Premium members as well.

If you are interested to run YouTube on your mobile phone, then you need to installed a latest YouTube app on your smartphone.

In your YouTube app, watching video play with small screen and that help you to move around on your phone home screen and stands against your installed apps. After enabling this features you can watch YouTube video without interruption when you approach other application on your device.

To run picture-in-picture in playback on your YouTube app, just tap your phone home button. And the video immediately shrink into PiP mode, which may can move any part of the section on your phone and you will contiunously playback on each and every top of the apps.

How To turn Off/On picture-in-picture:

If your device running Android Oreo 8.0 and later then this feature accessible.

* Enter into Android phone Settings

* Apps & Notifications

* Advanced

* Special access

* Picture-in-Picture

* YouTube –> Allow picture-in-picture –> Off or On.

That’s it.

Source: YouTube app

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