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Check it out wherever you have been traveled with Google Maps.

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Most of the people who have been using Google Maps through smartphone that non-stop tracks your location info and transfer to support third-party apps. Of course, you can turn off location sharing but some of the apps required your data if there is no then it will be a zero.

Image Credit: Syed

Many of them interested to share their location. But do you know how this function running on your phone background. Well, it will do a lot you don’t know about this.

On the year of 2015, Google brings changes on Google Maps with Location History and it named ”Your Timeline.” And the Google collect pictures that you have taken with location and it will get more notion of your world travel.

Google Maps – View Location History:

* Google Maps

* More Button or three horizontal lines

* Your Timeline

* Calendar icon

* Use Swipe to switch months

* Tap Date –> Location history and check it out your traveled with duration and length.

Disable Location History:

Actually, timeline featuer comes in sometime very useful to look for your previous travel, but in some cases it may disturbing.

* Tap more button

* Settings

* Personal content

* Tap Location History is on under Location Settings.

* Switch to disable location history.

And also you can pause the history for account. For this, toggle Location History Off and OK.

That’s it.

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