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Google making each and every process that more flexible for Android users and that comes through Android Messages. Normally, you can send text messages directly from your computer PC with an help of iPhone and Android phone as well.

After doing this function, you will receive SMS from your smartphone on your PC and you can reply through on web browser. All the communication are well secured between your mobile phone and desktop browser. If you want to do these way you need to follow a few steps and that’s it.

First of all, you need to download Android Messages on your smartphone. Once it’s completed and main thing is that you need to get permission to access text message with free flow.

Another side, after you successful done the installation on your phone, now drive into https://messages.android.com and follow the message on your desktop which will ask you to pair with web browser from your phone with scanning of QR code.

Finally, the web browser will load the Android Messages with text messages and this one mirror from your smartphone. Now, you can send the SMS through from web browser. That’s it.

Source: Android Messages

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