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We all know about System restore function and that we use on Windows 10. What is System Restore? It’s kind of system settings that actually comes with installed application, Windows Registry, and few others. Naturally, this feature comes little bit handy when you loose any or breaks your system. Even, you can bring old fashion of Windows, if the system restore were not stable. If you are intrest the you can may for creating system restore on your Windows 10.

If you are eager to get inside the Windows to run the system restore, you can go through Open File Explorer and the navigation bar are stand on the left, On the right handside you can choose Properties from Contect Syste, Setting.s

Activate, you System Restore through settings –>System Protection tab. From their, you can find a list of all drives which is currently live on your PC. You have chance each drive for system restore, but you can create one for all drive in your Windows computer.

Choose the drive, which is installed on your Windows 10, and Click Configure button.

That’s it.

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