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If you want to buy online product, and you decide to purchase on Amazon then the price list comes little bit higher on the that time. PriceAlert app can help you to monitor those items that you are looking to buy very cheap items and it makes more purchase.

Dissimilar, other apps that remind you the product of price when it will drops, this specially designed for Mac user so they can set the certain limit.

This menu bar tool makes everything simple and it will tracks up to 10 products at the time, and you can set the price. When you prefered a notification, there you can find a link from their you can choose and buy the product through pop up message.

Actually, this application doesn’t give a room, but using the app that comes little bit handy against high price tag and also remind you once the price drops down. But user has to remind that you want to know less price product you want to be touch with daily basis.

That’s it.

Source: PriceAlert for Amazon

Via: Lifehacker

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