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When you want to extract zip file through macOS, it works quite neat doing that automatically gives you result. Enough you thing using auto download zip file for extract then you can put hold it means possible to disable this function, but many user it preferred. If you want to follow this same function on your Windows 10 it can. To get work done what kind of browser that you are going to use and find out which file that you going to download the zip file. For this, try auto function to make extract zip files, and also it’s need batch script, and these need an application to find out zip file and to run the script.

Add 7-Zip :

This 7-zip gives support to the script to use the commands. Normally, if you are using the script to connect 7-zip, at the sametime your operating system must avail to use the application wherever it been. Following steps that makes you so simple after adding 7-zip.

* Load File Explorer and paste following line

Control Panel\System and Security\System

* The new Window opens, and click ”Advanced System Settings” on the left.

* System properties–>Advanced tab–>Environment variables at the bottom.

* See the Path through on the list.

* Choose and Click Edit button.

That’s it.

Via: Addictivetips

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