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Let’s you know about that Google brings change not few a lot in Pixel Launcher, since the first release of 2016, and it takes opportunity in Android Pie. This launcher takes you another level.

Not more, it recommends a very few applications that may comes on the top list in the app drawer. In this Pixel Launcher, Suggestions will display recommendations in current application page, that display in the App Actions through App drawer it means that you will not use anymore. And also this will allow you to copy and paste those text when you turn into the apps.

When you approach this app you can find all the perfect and trendy, but at the same time you don’t want recommandation from Pixel Launcher on particular usage, then you can disable immediately as you wish from the app.

* Open your Android phone

* Tap on the blank page on your phone home screen

* Home Settings

* Suggestions

* Choose all three toggles to disable completely.

Either, you want to regain the feature, the same way you have to go enable for recommendations in Pixel Launcher. That’s it.

Source: Pixel Launcher

Via: Android Central

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