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Around the world, that everyone have their hands a mobile devices. And just keep scrolling their experience. This may go some reason that spending time on their mobile. And the outcome cause that you non-stop working with notifications and replying comments in digital world whenever you get those chance.

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There are lot of application available through free download and install on your smartphone. If you are using Facebook then this social media platform going to launch very soon that how much amount of time you are spending in social media like Facebook and Instagram.

If you are using Facebook on your smartphone, you need to follow through on your account Settings–>Your Time on your Facebook. At the same time, if you are working with Instagram, then you need to tap Settings–>Your Activity. This new tools are both comes with same purpose only.

First of all, at the top you can see dashboard that display you minimum time for the particular app on your device. And also choose the bar with one tap for the total time spending the whole day. Under dashboard, you can manage daily reminder for you and once you reach out the time that you can use on the app in day. This new tool gives you a possibility things which is you can change or cancel reminder in any time. Tapping on ”Notifications Settings” you can access faster ”Mute Push Notifications” settings. Doing this the new tool limit to access Facebook and Instagram notifications in duration. To know more below link find you more.

Source: newsroom.fb

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