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Google Chrome Canvas

We all know that Google rolled out a new web app that name Chrome Canvas to make some tweaks and take some notes right from the browser. This new tool doesn’t proper condition apply that you can access through canvas.apps.chrome. To access this Chrome Canvas you must hands with Google account which may help you to get inside the web app. As long as you need for this internet connection. And also any doodle or notes can be downloaded into PNG file format.

Chrome Canvas bring free of cost you can bring the tweaks and notes on to your Chromebook or any other gadgets. The web app permit you to choose pencil, marker, pen, and chalk piece as your resource. And also the tool given a pre-selected colors or trigger you to choose interesting colors with customize option. If you make any mistake when you doodle or notes there is an eraser to rub those mistakes.

This Chrome Canvas doesn’t dependent with Chrome browser. Google says it can work any browser which is connected to URL. Through on this you can draw through mouse or touchpad, and one more option that you can make more simple which is touchscreen on your device. This isn’t a first entry from Google it brings so many tools which are AR drawing tool for smartphone and 3D MS paint which connects VR and few more that you can see for smartphone applications.

Source: Google

Via: Engadget

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