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We are all addicted to Live Streaming Video, it took place very popular around 2016 comparing 2015. Now more than 80% of internet and mobile users are behind the live video. In this article, we through explain how to go live on Facebook, along with this some pros and cons you need to take down this.

Go live on Facebook you can use any kind of platform, whether it’s Android, iOS, and Web browser to go live on Facebook.

Important Note: When you broadcasting live video on Facebook and watching any Facebook live video it’s complete is a different hole.

Here is the method to lead go live on Facebook.

Go Live on Facebook Android:

While using a mobile phone, you can prepare Android or iOS supporting device to make Facebook Live at the event. You don’t want to get more connectivity using like a laptop or desktop.

If you are using an Android mobile, then you follow below steps to go live on Facebook.

  • Facebook app
  • Tap What’s on your mind?
  • Scroll down the page find Go Live. You need to some give permissions.
  • First, you need to choose the audience on To: field. Either Public, Friends, Friends except, Specific friends, Only me, or Newsfeed. And also you can set the notification to receive the video.
  • Add your live stream video description so they know what kind of video that posting live content. And all these come through hashtags.
  • You can choose the theme for your live video. If you want to escape from the theme all you have to do go Live Video.
  • Tap Start Live Video.

If you complete the live video, then tap Finish.

Go Live in Facebook on the Web Browser:

It’s handy to go live on Facebook, when you are using Android or iOS devices and also the choice of best to handle that mobile phone. It’s not a matter why sometimes that reject web app to use go live on Facebook.

If your product is more serious in the world and the output needs more professional way, and standard camera of laptop or desktop are a need to more desirable.

Maybe you are getting bore and you decided to make Facebook live on the web and below step come useful:

  • Enter into Facebook.com through the preferred browser.
  • Click What’s on your mind? situated on the top news feed. You can realize the window will roll out.
  • Click three dots on the top right-hand side on a new window.
  • Click Live video. And you need to give some permissions.
  • On the panel right-hand side, you need to choose followers and include title and description.
  • After that, you want to add a poll for your video, use Interactive tab which is located on the top panel.
  • End of the stage you click on Go Live.

That’s it, when you do on the web.


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