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It’s all about story Mobile Data vs Internet Service Provider as you can use WiFi in home or public. While using Mobile data it comes more expensive comparing to WiFi. It makes you knowledge that you want to restrict the usage of mobile plan. That’s why, using ISP they also don’t provide unlimited speed and if you purchase like a plan then you don’t want to think any because it has been split with package. Either, you want to set the limit of data for WiFi connection. And if you are using Windows 10 then it might comes easy to set the data plan with installing any third-party application.

How To Set Data Limit for WiFi on Windows 10:

First, you have to open Settings app–>Network & Internet. On the other side, select Data Usage tab. Before you do this process you need to check your WiFi which is located under ‘Show settings for’. If it’s not correct WiFi network and chose the exact WiFi to set the data limit.

In different, if you want to set the data limit plan whole WiFi network, you can choosing WiFi all networks through dropdown menu. Once you have done the setup, click Set limit button under Data Limit. After that, Windows has time limit service to use the data. Whether you can select monthly plan which is mostly liked by users. Either you can set one-time data limit. And also unlimited plan.

After you click Set Limit button, you can see the Limit type, which comes Monthly, One time, and Unlimited. Here you can see monthly and One time are totally different you need to specify the plan and allowing data. But in Unlimited that only ask you to set the renewal plan. And the Data will mentioned with GB and MB. Through on this action, it will connect all network activities.

Once you reach data limit, Windows 10 will indicate you about data limit. And one more thing it will not disconnect it will stands once you increase the data limit through purchasing the plan. That’s it.

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