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Some years ago, WhatsApp Status has limited options which brings text and a few emojis. Now, you stay with the year of 2019. It has been totally changed with a bunch of new features. If you are using Snapchat then you may experience with Stories like Status. Now WhatsApp user has a lot of room to share any like a video, picture, emojis, text, and much more.

If you want to share interesting ideas and cool items through WhatsApp Status, and you are running with Android OS on your smartphone then it comes easy on your hands adding third-party apps from the play store. From gorgeous photos to awesome videos, texts, you can perform through from WhatsApp Status.

So, without wasting time, let’s start with some cool Android apps.


If you don’t run this Snapseed on your Android mobile, then you miss a lot of functions to promote some nice cool feature through WhatsApp Status. This tiny photo editing available on Google Play Store and you can make easily any kind of photos with in minute.

On this app, you can some interesting filters that make your overall performance with contrast and sharpness, and that gives up a better photo. If you want to add some additional fit you can use B&W filters and more. And also you can try the Perspective tool.


If you have any idea to mingle Photo and videos, then you can get into Cinemagraph. These app makes still image movements to produce digital artworks.

StoryZ is a photo motion unique app was build for beginners and professionals. You can create some cool effects same like Cinamagraphs, and that display like GIFs or image movements. To access this app, you need to mark the area with suitable elements. Once you have done the process you can save a cinemagraph like animated GIFs with high-resolution and you can use on your WhatsApp Status.


When you play any video that you have seen it plays forward direction, but if you have seen that video plays reverse then it comes great for you. Now, you image that you can bring into your WhatsApp Status. It’s a pretty cool know.

ReverX is an app that you can find on your play store that brings you reverse to play videos. All you have to do upload any video and choose the portion that’s it. Your result comes out with reverse.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time to finish the work. It gets a little time to perform. I think you like this formula to use on your WhatsApp Status.

InShot :

Some coolest stuff you can pick up from this app. It’s true what I am sharing on this article. You can watch the video with audio that quite uncomfortable. It gives unwanted things like air drilling, ear-splitting, and these product if it’s comes you will not going to add this on your WhatsApp Status anymore.

To solve this solution, you have an app that you can find on play store it’s video editors in InShot application which is the one make you perfect those problem it have been touched. The app brings some nice audio tracks and useful filters.

When you are using InShot on your smartphone device, it make simple and you definately like very much with useful audio collection anymore.

That’s it.

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