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Android users don’t think about downloading Android apps only you get from play store. There are many place to download apps but you have to choose a quality place to get and use on your phone.

Furthermore, if you bought a new device and you are trying to get play store, your device sometime doesn’t accept anymore. For this you have multiple choices to get alternative service.

Here are the few list that I have found to get a such a great application with getting an support from Google Play Store.

Amazon Appstore:

It is the first alternative Amazon Appstore. This app store is a biggest competitor against Play Store, and you find all apps that available as a default on their Amazon Kindle product. Just see that newer version of Amazon App store pretty decent those inner settings. Before, the navigation menu comes with slide out which is remove and added tapping each icons which is located at the bottom of app store screen. as you can find the same in iOS app. And this new navigation will help faster to find new apps and current library.

When you get into the Amazon app store, you can find on homepage some useful stuff scroll down and find some advance apps and popular apps. And also you can find free applications and sale for apps.

One more important things that I have to say about Amazon app store that doesn’t fit what you find from the Play Store but at the same time, it can manage as a alternative solution. You can find a number of collection that will be present on Amazon app store, at the same time if you skip Google collection. Why many they find Google product the main reason the Android user depend on iOS.


Basically, Android comes open source, F-Droid is the place to get more. While using this App Store, you will get a bunch of list. It taken a large amount of mobile app that comes to you free and also you get open source programs.

Explaining, get through on this you will get free to access. Not only this, you can use with great confident that using every single app are not comes with malware. This F-Droid will remind you any apps may skid from the track and place.

If you have previous version F-Droid that comes terribly with simple things. But the new version comes with some Android guidelines. And also it will provide categories and some information to find a exact apps that you want to install on your device.


If you are willing to use SlideME as a app store, then it really comes to ship to any devices to support Google Play products. This app store target to any device to sell their app product which Play Store doesn’t have the room. SlideME always welcome that your apps doesn’t allow in Google Play Store, then you may go through on SlideME, but this app store doesn’t support adult content anymore.

If you compare to F-Droid than the SlideME has a large compartment, but at the same time it comes smaller than Amazon App store. If you are gamer then SlideME is a place that you can easily clinch and there is no tracking function.

When you approach into the SlideME, the store doesn’t have recent update, but you can access with decent look. In this app store, you can find a plenty of new apps., which it comes advantage. While selecting any apps from this SlideME, you can keep going with download, description, some reviews, and few that available at the bottom. One more disadvantage that you can see a thin layer which you can see at the bottom that SlideME runs advertisement. Which comes awkward by chance if you accidentally press that one. That’s it.

Humble Bundle:

This alternative play store was named Humble Bundle but it doesn’t look like a app store. Actually it will offer a set of bundle with games. While you pay particular amount, you will get unlocked full access. Additionally, the particular portion goes into the charity.

Along with this Humble Bundle will sells soundtracks and books. If you see the app store that look pretty outed version, but it works fine anymore.

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