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When you are working in Google Chrome, you feel something the browser getting slow down. And all these happen on your computer, whether you should give or exit from those things. Whenever I use Chrome, always I keep the tab as a bookmark. For example, I don’t want to perform every time to search the particular site to take down the notes, for this I always prefer to keep the tab as an opened bookmarks. Doing this process, you will lose the chrome running speed on your device.

OneTab is a purely Chrome extension that keeps all your tabs live, but it will not keep all tabs in the opened position. This extension also bring the support for Firefox user.

On Chrome browser, if you opened multiple tabs, it seems like clutter, you can make convert into the complete list. Whenever you need particular tab to open again, and also you can restore those tab if it’s required, or all you can open at once. One more interesting point that developer makes more confident those who use OneTab they can save more than 95% computer memory. It’s all depends on your opened tabs on your Chrome browser which comes first. But at same time, your computer need to save more memory.

If you convert the list of tabs, it will support web pages and shareable to friends. All you have to do just create the link that’s it. Otherwise, you aren’t going to share any content then you are welcome to close the opened tabs.

In this OneTab, you can find two important things one is you can share with friends and save more memory. That’s special when you add OneTab Extension to your computer support Chrome browser. That’s it.

Source: OneTab Extension

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