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The world listening about phishing emails, but the email providers are giving a better position to their users. And they attempt to filter every phishing emails. Some it can’t avoid that get inside. During that time, it’s a responsibility to find the phishing emails and focus on immediately. But the question is how you are identifying these phishing emails?

Jigsaw is the productivity of the Alphabet and joint with Google to build a quiz. This one going to test your ability to find phishing emails, and fix through Jigsaw to achieve a result to make safer.

How to test your Phishing Emails:

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On any browser search engine, enter the link address (https://phishingquiz.withgoogle.com/) and start with eight examples question to enhance your experience to find phishing attempts. Through this question, you will be asked with two optional answer which is the best practice on this Google Quiz. These examples are works through Google Doc emails to modify the passwords. It has done through the quiz, you will display what you see and when trying to fix phishing emails. Google Quiz brings URL’s, fake email ID, and domains which look insecure.

I have been tried on my computer which I score 7 out 8, which I experience through on this Quiz program.

In Medium post, Jigsaw’s Justin Hench says about this Google Quiz,

We created this quiz based on the security training we’ve held with nearly 10,000 journalists, activists, and political leaders around the world from Ukraine to Syria to Ecuador. We’ve studied the latest techniques attackers use and designed the quiz to teach people how to spot them.

Nowadays, using the internet, you need to be more knowledgeable and sharp. And it seems that most people affect this kind of phishing emails. The key point is you need to alert about those things, whenever you move the cursor over links you should confirm before you click every single link that find on your email. That’s it.

Source: phishingquiz.withgoogle

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