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Sometimes Misspelling happens to send messages. At the moment, when it happens on your Facebook Messenger, you have a secret function to remove from there. If you are using Facebook Messenger, then you might not seen that the app gets a new update and included ”Unsend” feature.

This option doesn’t work at all time – you have to pick the messages not to complete the craze period of 10 minutes before you reach to remove on your friend account through from your device. It can do the favor to get back into the confused messages and immediately stop sending.

Now, you can know about delete the message, just tap on the message that you have sent and you decided to delete them. When you perform this function you will find two feature which is located the app bottom. Once is ‘‘Remove for Everyone” another ”Remove for you.”

When you tapping ”Remove for Everyone” the sending messages will be deleted completely from everyone. Now, this feature available all Android mobile users, to get this feature you need to complete the app update to date. That’s it.

Source: Facebook Messenger

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