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Any files that you have stored on your laptop or computer pc, it may decrease the system storage. Better change the idea to relieve the one that you don’t require from the system. Even, you will be surprised by finding those files on your Windows device. When it comes to Windows it doesn’t have such the thing to keep unwanted files to delete as per schedule based, so it will come tough to find the duplicates.

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In this article, you can find a free software application that comes pre-installed on your Windows computer which is called CCleaner to escape from the duplicates files.

Load the CCleaner by clicking the icon on your Windows computer or check where the program was located.

Click Tools icon inside CCleaner.

Duplicate Finder

Click Search button to find duplicate files.

Click Ok button to finish

Once the CCleaner finds the duplicates, check the right mark on the list of each file to make delete.

Click Delete selected button.

Once you click Ok button, the process starts to delete files permanently from your Windows system.

Finally, Click the Ok button CCleaner assure you the duplicate files has been deleted.


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