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If you spend a few minutes to set up on Google account that comes much more secure with little trouble. Whoever using Google account for every purpose then it will be recommend two-step verification.

While using two-step verification on your Google account that will be additional security of your account. To change them, you need to use a few steps to make login to your Gmail account. And using regular password, alternatively, you will receive a six-digit code on your mobile whenever you get to try to the account. If the hackers intrude on your account and hacked your password they can’t get inside the account. They need your phone received message.

Whether the process gets you really tuff, you don’t feel hard. Even, you don’t want to wait for your phone received the message to make a login. In this article, you can easily set up two-step verification for Google account within minutes.

How To Enable 2-step verification:

  • Enter myaccount.google.com –>Sign in –>Security page.
  • Click 2-step Verification to make turn ”On
  • Click Get Started button to sign in Google account to activate 2-step verification.
  • As you expect, it’s default the text sent to your phone, but you can receive through Google app. The required will be saved, doing this way it will be more secure.

One more important feature, Google ask you to connect with backup functon, if your phone doesn’t receive any text code. You can make print a list of backup code from the secure place. Not only this way, you can choose Google Authenticator or USB key. That’s it.


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