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Whether you digital photos, docs, mp3, and videos, you can able to recover those erased files from your storage devices. It can works on your Windows and Mac computer as well.

RecoveRx, it’s a tool that you can install on your compatible system devices. Just it will run deep scanning those erased files. If you want to recover like SD cards, MP3 players, USB drive, external drives, and more. This software support much easier. All it happen with your mouse click. That’s it.

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You can easily run the program after you install the application from the official site. It will easily detect any supporting devices that you have been connected. Before you start the process you can select the photo, video, docs, and Others. After that you just the click once to start deep scanning to recover the feature.

One more important thing that you can’t make any recovered file to preview. It will act only to recover the erased files. Wherever it’s on your storage devices. That’s it.

Source: RecoveRx


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