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No one can be free from email, everyone has an email account. Your email inbox meets sometime spam emails, find and clean them to keep always important emails on your inbox. In these cases, how to maintain those things, you have an option that blocks unwanted emails.

In this article, we are going to show you how to block the email on Yahoo and Gmail account. And you spend a few step you will get a result.

How To Block Emails in Gmail using Mobile Phone:

First, you decide which mobile phone you are going to use whether Android or iOS devices. In this article, I am going to use Android mobile.

Load Gmail app on your smartphone device.

Choose the email from person or business that you want to block.

Tap Email to open.

Opened email on the top right corner you can see More icon or three-dots vertical.

Tap Block ”sender.”

How To Block Emails in Yahoo Using Android Smartphone

Your Gmail can block the emails, but if you are using Yahoo Mail, you can’t block because this option doesn’t available. Alternatively, the email app brings the Spam folder.

This one going to make successful unwanted emails sends to the Spam folder. Here you can see how it can be done.

Open Yahoo Mail app

Search email from the person or company that you want to bloc.

Load email.

Tap three-dots vertical on the right-hand side of email.

Choose Spam from the dropdown menu.

Now, no more emails from block user. That’s it.

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