Entering into Skype, you will make video chat and the service turn automatically blur your video background for your interest. It means you will stay in focus in front of others and the rest of the part gets you subtly faded. The reason behind that your room looks tidy and you aren’t happy to see others when you are connected with Skype vide chats.

Doing blur function on your Skype, it’s similar to Microsoft Teams. Actually, this feature was reached out on Microsoft Teams in 2018, and now this blur updated into Skype.

Actually, this blur function works with the support of artificial intelligence to detect a human in the video chat. After that it keeps in focus whenever you do live video chat that prompt apart blurry.

Enable Blur in Skype Live Video chat background

Credit: Skype

To run this blur on your Skype, all you have to do click the video camera icon which is located at the bottom of your app screen. Once you click you may see a small screen comes out video settings, from there you can see ‘‘Blur my background.” Toggle to ‘‘ON” and the video chat similarly turns background is blurred. To access this feature you may go through a laptop or desktop with the latest version of Skype.

Note: Sometime, your video chat doesn’t support blur background in Skype from Microsoft statement.

That’s it.

Source: Skype blog


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