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Google’s new chrome extension help you that any data breaches involved, it will ask you to change the username and password.

When you maintaining your password and personal info on the web that never going to be fulfilled. You will be confident nothing will happen on to your password, but hackers can make easier to steal your account password with deep sense.

There are some sites that keep providing services to make tighten your password by indicating that you created a vulnerable password. Recently, I have been used Have I Been Pwned?, 1Password’s Watchtower, and like these many available on the internet.

Right now, Google introduced a new Chrome extension Password Checkup, the concept behind that you need to get the more strong password and without your sense, no one can hack your account. After installing this chrome extension on your Chrome browser you play around the corner this extension point out through warning information that you need to change the password immediately.

Image Credit: Google

While using this Password Checkup on your chrome browser, the reports don’t explore about information on your accounts, passwords, and some other details of your system. This extension looks for numbers that your passwords get hacks. And it will recommend you to change the password with a strong password.

That’s it.

Source: Google Blog, Password Checkup

Via: Android Police

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