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Well, you opened multiple tabs on your Chrome browser, and all this very important that you don’t want to close until your project doesn’t complete. This chrome extension runs silently on the background and keeps watching your browsing. If the tab which it doesn’t use it will automatically suspend. The Great Suspender and Cluster available on Chrome Web Store to increase your browsing level.

If you use Cluster extension, it keeps managing unwanted tab suspended and gives more experience to access all of your open tabs. One more cool thing on this extension that you can see link suspended sites not a Chrome-related URLs in the address bar.

When it comes to Cluster, it can organize the tabs on your browsing. You can see on the dashboard the title which is connected with a link and you can easily jump into any tabs. From this, you can easily enter into your websites and it will save your time to revisit again. You have been opened multiple tabs and it makes your clutter on your browser, and you don’t have more time to keep all the way, and this extension gives you the option to export all tabs into CSV or JSON files.

If you get into Cluster dashboard, you can see two icons that may help you to immediately suspend or unsuspend the whole browser tabs. To perform this you can through The Great Suspender extension icon. You can move tabs into any browser windows with Cluster. But this Cluster doesn’t make arrangement your tabs in the browser window. Alternatively, you can get into the dashboard to organize the tabs with alphabetic or URL orders.

With Cluster, you can synchronize the settings through desktop or laptop, which comes more useful to jump into another browser windows. And also you can synchronize bookmarks, but the links in a folder that comes fine and sometime it hard to make sort with using the extension and this Cluster will find the way.

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