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Yes! we all know that Google Chrome gets his dark mode. Before this, Chrome’s competitor Firefox and Microsoft Edge are both received dark mode a year ago.

If you are avid Google Chrome browser, you may know about Chrome web store it has plenty of dark theme to use on your popular Chrome browser. Many of them, who use directly to take down the dark theme installation, because the Chrome doesn’t have an official built-in dark mode that’s why user they choose Chrome extension.

Luckily, Chrome users have opportunity to stay with dark mode in Chrome browser without choosing installation themes. The newly introduced built-in dark mode comes little bit easier to work in night day.

The best way you need to choose built-in dark mode through on Windows 10 settings. Either, if you have been enabled dark mode in Windows 10, immediately the Chrome will change the condition in to dark mode and conversely.

There are two ways you can apply dark mode on your Google Chrome with or without using Windows 10.

Note: The dark mode will be available on Google Chrome version 74 and later only.


How To enable dark mode in Chrome through Windows 10:

Click Windows Start menu, enter into Settings–>Personlization–>Colors.

On the right side Choose your default app mode section, choose Dark mode to make turn on for Windows 10 and connecting apps along with Google Chrome. If you want to use on Google Chrome then give up restore or restart the browser.


Enable dark mode in Google Chrome Only:

If you want to turn on dark mode in Chrome only, then this step comes useful to you. But at the same time you don’t move your cursor into Windows 10 to enable dark mode.

Before you apply dark mode in Chrome, you need to close the Chrome browser. On Windows 10, search the Google Chrome in Start menu or taskbar search box, on Google Chrome make right-click and enter into Open file location option.

Next, right-click on Chrome shortcut and choose Properties.

Click Shortcut tab, include -force-dark-mode at the end of target location giving up a little space. Make sure include space between the available path and newly append parameter.

Finally, Click the Apply button. Reload or restore Google Chrome to save changes. If you want to reverse back all you have to do the same process you need to enter find the newly added path and remove it. That’s it.

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