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Google Chrome browser has a powerful tool that you can bring the customization on to your browser with your experience if you like it. Well, these items only available on your desktop, but you can succeed on to your Kiwi Browser, recently the app gets fresh coated for Android. You can add Chrome extensions on these applications.

Kiwi, it’s an open-source browser application for Android supporting devices which is based on Chromium and WebKit engine. The app looks very friendly and also it has own functions to make more special and handy.

The app it has a natural feature like blocks ads default protects against crypto jackers. There are few more that I would like to say block site notifications, AMP pages to direct into the site. It comes with more privacy for Chrome and you can look for advance improvements.

Kiwi app basically was Chromium, not a standard Chrome, you can’t do account syncing between two devices, which means all you have to do manually to make bookmarks and to Kiwi. All this feature, there was one important feature which you can find on Kiwi that we are going to focus on this article. The app gets desktop extension support through on this update. Let’s start how to add an extension on this application.

Add Chrome Extensions on Your Android Phone:

First you need to install Kiwi from Google Play Store.

After that you can directly jump into the browser application through on your Android phone.

Next, if you want to add extension then you need to go on Chrome Web Store to start. You need t know that Web Store doesn’t have mobile version support, to get the best experience you need to pinch and zoom the page to add extensions.

Once you have find out the extension, click the ”Add to Chrome” button.

Give permission, then allow a few seconds to save changes. Now, you can check the extension which is listed on your Kiwi Browser.

Remove Chrome Extensions from Kiwi Browser:

If you feel the extension doesn’t bring any output or remove the extension, just tap on the upper right corner three-dot menu and choose ”Extensions”.

From the browser, you can find the extensions that you can click the ”Remove” button.

Finally, you can see the confirmation dialog box which is displaying in the middle of the browser app. Ok to exit. That’s it.


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