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In Windows 10, the screenshot tools come with the basic level, and you don’t find more features. Even, you can handle easily with this few options. And these are all available on your Windows 10. But if you want to handle more functions using these type of tools, then you need to move into the third-party application, which gives enormously that available on the web. If you care about mouse cursor along with the screenshot then go with outside programs. If you want to add then you can find free software. Try IrfanView.

IrfanView is a tool for popular image viewer and also it has a quite more feature, one of the screenshot process. Usually, no one wants to add outside tool to take a screenshot the Windows has a default, one important thing missing capturing mouse cursor in the screenshot, and this IrfanViewer works great using with a hotkey.

Add Mouse Cursor in Screenshot:

Download and Install IrfanView if your system doesn’t hold on it. Run the application and Options–>Capture/Screenshot from the menu bar. Next, the new window will open, and choose Desktop area – current monitor (mouse) feature. On the same windows, you can find the hotkey presented to capture the screen CTRL+F11. Click the Start button to complete the process.

If you want to capture the screenshot, all you have to do move the mouse any part of the desktop area that you need to capture, if you have multiple Window monitors, then you need to use a hotkey. the screenshot will capture immediately and it will be available on IrfanView from there you can save or bring them to edit the screenshot.

The main purpose of this app can easily capture the mouse cursor in any condition. IrfanView can easily capture any type of cursor as it has an advantage. When the tool completes the screenshot the image shows default size on your Windows 10.


Reader’s there are plenty of apps available to capture the screenshot with the mouse cursor, but they provide only default cursor on the board. If it’s enough, then you may go with Greenshot. This tool comes with a free and open-source program for Windows 10. That’s it.


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