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You have seen may mobile phone search functionality, Google apps bring the feature to find the queries through voice. If you are using Android phone you can see standard voice user interface surrounded through on various applications, but some of them doesn’t deliver default you need to customize the settings. Here we are going to see YouTube for Android brings voice search that you can play any video without using your finger on to the keyboard.

If you are going to use this feature YouTube voice search will prompt a small note ”New ways to search with your voice” to use next time for the query.

First, you need to load YouTube and tap Google search glass.

Tap the microphone on the top-right icon, the fullscreen interface display YouTube dark mode.

See the red button at the bottom vibrates to start speaking on YouTube to listening within a few seconds. Another side you can exit the voice search on the top left corner you may find ”X” button.

Finally, your video will appear or playing automatically on your YouTube. This going to be amazing on your Android phone because you don’t want to use the keyboard to play any type of videos. All you have to do use voice search. That’s it.

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