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You need to know there is an updated Google Chrome browser available in the tech world. And it comes with some interesting features. If you offered more tabs then you know very well about using the technique. If you installed Chrome v75, you want to try Tab Hover Cards. Let’s get started how to enable this function on your Chrome.

Once you have done the process, when you do hover over on your opened browser tab, you can see a small preview picture on the web page. It means if you opened more than one tabs, you don’t want to cross-eye the icons or click each of the tabs to find you want to check.

This new feature on Google Chrome v75 rolling out to the users, and many of them don’t get right at the moment to install. Sometimes you need to pay forced the point on Chrome’s Help–>About Google Chrome.

Once you get new Chrome 75, then the browser will ask you to relaunch the browser to complete the installation on your system device.

Note: The new Tab Hover Cards are developer mode, so you no need to get surprised when your browser gets any bugs. And also the preview of the image shows a big, and you may not go with other features.

Check it below step to enable Tab Hover Cards in Google Chrome 75.

Open your Chrome v75.

Type chrome://flags on URL address bar and give the Enter button.

Next, Type ”Hover” in the search bar and Enter.

Finally, you can see ”Tab Hover Cards” and ”Tab Hover Card Images” comes with default and you need to set into Enabled.

Restart your Chrome to save the changes.

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