Time App for iPhone, More Focus to Complete Your List of Tasks

All the time, if you are submerged with your daily task, then you need to find the some other time to get the support. The two teenagers developer Shaan Singh and Erik Vanderplas created the Time app for iPhone, this one make you to complete faster your tasks.

This app brings you a timer to finish of each and every task that you have included on the list. Tap any item to start the timer with colored background that can view how much time that you have left to complete the task.

It brings you a very simple, but at the same time it makes you so effective to finalize the time, and also the app track your work. Meantime, you can find the color coded background how slowly increasing upward. Time app will get support AI to boost your every new product, so the recommendation will increase the slot on the task, when it reach the finishing point. Generally, Time app looks very neat for all users who want to escape from procrastinate and also they have issuance on their time. If you want to try the app on your iPhone, then you have to pay the $1 price tag.

That’s all, if you want to add this Time application, keep your finger moving to the App Store.

Source: Time Via: TNW

This Chrome Extension Makes Beautiful Google Calendar on Your Desktop – Clean Google Calendar

This Chrome Extension Makes Beautiful Google Calendar on Your Desktop - Clean   Google Calendar

Whether you are on the web or mobile app, Google Calendar never gives you the chance to jump another service, the interface looks something beautiful. But this Chrome extension brings some changes which cleans up and modifies the settings.

The Clean Google Calendar extension will take over Google Calendar, but there is no changes of tabs, menus, and color buttons. When you use this program, it gives you more supportive, and collective of information that you can store in this extension. If you are using Google Calendar it gives you a normal thing that you have done as a regular choice. This Google Calendar jumps into day, week and month. Even you can bring filters for calendars and a variety of colors.

Clean Google Calendar works for offline and you can get regular update without internet connection.

Source: Clean Google Calendar Via: Lifehacker

Workflow for iOS, Adds A New Gallery the Best Way to Started Your Workflow Project

Workflow for iOS, Adds A New Gallery the Best Way to Started Your Workflow Project

Workflow is a very favorite automation app has been updated and get ready to start with a new feature from the community. The app introducing a new Gallery to get user experience, and streams live process, all these features make you more powerful on this app.

This app called automation that can do any essential part work done. Once you create workflow it can finish the whole process of the tasks like that becomes GIFs from the list of photos, taking screenshot images from the web, translation, calculation, post your favorite article to many social media apps in a single click, and much more.

After the Workflow app gets an update, there you can find on-boarding functionality that takes you the final step how the task comes to end and all of the variety processes you can do with this Workflow app. The new on-boarding process helps you for users whoever new in this app industry they can get well started with this app.

In this new Gallery, what kind of useful stuff that you want to download in new Workflows, that has been put complete enhancement and much simple to access through Workflow app. The new Gallery appointed with a different part that can survive through the app.

With this new option, it makes you simple whatever you are looking on this matter, and also the app gives the opportunity to submit the workflows to the new Gallery section so community user can download easily. Along with this, the new updated Workflow brings Import Question that brings simple customization, and currently, available workflow gets completely updated as well. If you have been used Workflow previous edition comparing new that completely changes the brightness it feels like the app.

To stay with a new update, go ahead to the App Store.

Source: Workflow for iOS $2.99   Via: Macrumors

Cortana Now Joining With To-Do List and Wunderlist Account

Cortana Now Joining With To-Do List and Wunderlist Account

Microsoft’s Digital Personal Assistant Cortana has recently announced update feature with new to-do list create a new feature. Through this you can prepare shopping lists, manipulate to-do lists, and also it can link with Wunderlist account using voice recognition.

If you want to generate text or speech, your Windows computer or mobile phone device are more supportive, manipulate current lists or include new items on to them, and trigger upside whenever you required on that time. You can check through ”Hey Cortana, create a Holiday list” or choose the text for Cortana box.

Whether you are trying with Wunderlist, it’s popular for to-do list managers, this feature brings connection into the Cortana for your Wunderlist account and this can make possible to use text or voice commands. With to-dos, you can set due dates and shared lists. That’s it.

Source: Windows Blog

Todoist Make You Smart Schedule to Plan Your Tasks for Day and Week

Todoist Make You Smart Schedule to Plan Your Tasks for Day and Week

Normally, your to-do list will become to support your daily or weekly tasks, but at the same time you have to be proactive with your daily project to set a schedule. This Todoist make you everything easier through suggesting the work time to finish the tasks that based on your practice.

The app introduces Smart Schedule option, this brings AI tool support to power up your daily or weekly task scheduling to be an intelligent on the time. While using more Todoist options, you will get more useful suggestion on this platform.

This feature something like a smart schedule that takes into survey when your task not completed if the task put in the due dates, so you don’t get elected on the same day the app make your adjustment some other day. Finally, it will be consider about the urgency of task, and it keeps dealing with other users. Smart Schedule can recommend your every of due dates to support you meet your task on particular portion.

All privacy files will be considered automatically through using Smart Schedule algorithm. So your data never goes outside of the app, it will stay inside the Todoist and it keeps of your data private and secured.

That’s it.

Source: Todoist   Via: Todoist blog