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Image Credit: Syed Ali

Image Credit: Syed Ali

The well known Sudoku is a game that really challenges you to play as a Numbers and the alphabetic puzzle game. Those who are interested in this mind Restrict game, you can try the app like FlowDoku App it’s available in the Windows Store for free. In this app, it supports to gamer to connect with color not a number.

FlowDoku is a Windows App game that will make physically attractive into the whole dimension of the puzzle game. The main purpose of the game itself Shapes your games into a colorful. The game that teaches you to links each color like square, triangles, and diamond aspect. The puzzle game makes you completely different in the game field showcase.

FlowDoku available features:

  • 200+ free puzzles spanning 5 difficulty levels, 4 puzzle sizes (from 6x6 to 12x12)
  • Totally original puzzle mechanic, not another Sudoku clone!
  • Quick and simple input (tap to set, or drag to paint).
  • Clean, colorful graphics, gorgeous ambient soundtrack.
  • No numbers, number pads, typing or input modes.
  • Leave the game any time, and resume later. Every move is saved.
  • Light and dark themes to fit your environment and preference.
  • Includes local achievements and Gem rewards

The game was quite interesting when you start once through from the Windows. Just have it from the Windows Store.

Source: FlowDoku for Windows  Via: Winbeta 

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