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How to Find & Explore Hidden Emoticon Keyboard On iPhone or iPad

Some of the time, the emoticons are overall indifferent, those emoticons are hidden place it never confused with emojis. There are plenty of third party keyboards available on the App Store, but many app users they wanted in new form to access all of them on their iPhone or iPad devices.

Anyway, there was no secret to find those emoticons, if you choose the right keyboard for your language, you will get a perfect solution to create an emoticon from your text keys. In this format, you no need to add any applications and it’s getting to you a good thing. Here the iOS leave some hidden emoticons that you need find yourself.

To find out the hidden emoticons:

Open the Settings–> General –> Keyboards–> Add New Keyboard and scroll down on the list of langauges until you can see Japanese, tap on it and select Romaji under Kana.

Once you exit the settings app, load any message app where you can type the text. Using with Keyboard, switch to the language and hit the globe icon on the keyboard any place in iOS support device. Next, you can tap ”123” button and followed by “^_^” face icon and you are able to access a new emoticon on your iOS keyboard. That’s it.

Via: Redmondpie

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