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TTabli Extension Manage Between Browser and Tabs on Google Chrome

Tabli, It’s a Chrome extension for Google browser and suitable for the web browsers that may boost your tabs in many ways.

When you are using tabs on Google Chrome that comes non scrollable and searchable to view all of your opened browser windows and their tabs, but using Tabli has advanced functionality that’s pop up and everything can do possible those less details can be done with this feature through using Google Chrome browser. While doing this way you can’t find any text or favicon image to make the identity of the website name in your Chrome browser.

After installing Tabli on Chrome browser, the extension has two way process to open on Chrome toolbar, which is faster to use Keyboard shortcuts or mouse to click the Tabli icon in the Chrome toolbar. With this you can switch between the window browser or tab with clicks on to the icon.

It has a feature that you can save a bunch of related subject to view later with Tabli for windows and tabs. While saving windows can easier closed, and chrome extension Tabli can highlight when you visit again to load those subject under saved closed windows. It comes very close to you identify the set amount of websites at the same times, but it not required all the time. Through this you can control the memory of the Chrome browser to function, if you are closing those tabs that not required at the time of point. That’s it.

Source: Tabli for Chrome Extension    Via: Ghacks 

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