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Google Brings Accessibility Scanner to Test Android Apps for Accessibility Status

When you creating something it never comes easy onboard, building Android apps. If you are working hard for this app development then it will pay for you to full strength. It is acceptable when you delivering some kind of app that has to use every single people with a deep concept, where manually or with limitations. Google brings out the new thing.

Google’s Accessibility Scanner is a new arrival app from Google Play Store and it comes free for Android mobile users. The app runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow it works through on your every application to test the code like a content, color, button that made flexible so they come easier to approach with them.

All you have to do once you installed the Accessibility Scanner on your Android mobile device, move into the Settings–>Accessibility  and find out where the app you want to test. Before you start to switch the tool by tapping the floating button. And the app starts scan of your app screen inch by inch for the hidden issues and ask you the developer to bring the changes on to them.

If you are a developer you want to display more something like that to work easily on your platform then this handy tool from Google. That’s it.

Source: Accessibility Scanner for Android   Via: Android Police 

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