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If it’s your computer taking Windows 10 operating system, you no need to handle more collective of items to make power off your computer, while using this Slide to Shutdown option on Windows 10. The result could come end your connectivity of PC.

When your product wants to shut down the computer the system device brings you the easiest way on your Windows 10. This feature you can find on Windows 8, which is enabled on mobile and tablet that comes a new collective way of a program that power off your Windows 10 machine with ”Slide to Shutdown.”
If your computer has Windows 10, then we will take you to generate the process to set Slide to Shutdown to your computer:

1* Make right-click on the empty space of desktop, choose New–>Shortcut.

2* Copy and Past the path line:


3* Next

4* Enter the path in Type the location of the item –> Next

5* Type a name for this shortcut–> SlidetoshutDown

6* Finish

7* Right-click the newly created shortcut file and Click ”Properties”

8* Click ‘‘Change Icon”

9* OK and make confirm the path to select the icons. Once you have selected the icon that presents you shutdown screen to power off your Windows 10 computer.

That’s it.

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