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A new MacBook Pro added to Touch Bar, and also you can get a new experience of game play. Pong game is an Atari video game platform was initially released on 1972s.

But you want to play this arcade game instead of to control the paddle with joystick, keyboard, this Pong game works with TouchBarPong – All you have to do use your finger on to Touch Bar, the landscape paddle stands above the computer keyboard  laptop.

When you start the game, this feature will work on full screen mode, and you can find the paddle that moves on to left and right on the laptop screen, when you use a finger to touch on the Touch Bar. It will not come much easier because the ball moves very fast from the left and right on your computer and it moves the paddle you will gear the sound to reach the score. This feature works for to move the paddle and the rest will not undecidable.

TouchBarPong app arrived on GitHub, not on the Mac App Store, and other side you can find some other Touch Bar apps which was integrated on the Pac Man. That’s it.

Source: TouchBarPong   Via: Venturebeat

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