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Whenever you use Google, it will collect your data with your permission. That isn’t an issue. If you are going to install Chrome on your computer, Google asks if you want to enhance your quality experience to the company. But when you use Google Maps, it will not ask your interest. Google Maps take down everything without your consent. Right now, you can disable it.

Stop Google Maps Data Collection:

Load Google Maps on your phone and tap hamburger icon, inside the search bar on the left. Navigation drawer opens, scroll at the bottom and Settings. Through on Settings screen, scroll and tap ‘About, terms & privacy’–> Location data collection. Finally, you can turn off Location data collection to stop Google Maps collection from your phone device.

If your Google Maps collected before you turn off, that willn’t hide from your phone apps. In future, you can use for useful things.

Some cases you don’t want to turn off, and you want to delete the location data, that also comes easy. This one comes easier and you need to take down through the manual scan and find each date to delete. To function this option, you have to move location timeline, after that delete data from Google Maps.

Via: Addictivetips

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