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If you talk about email, then it comes to our mind Gmail, and it ready to support user with more features. Recently, Google has made a small entry to Gmail app for Android, which brings different Inbox types. That you have experienced on Gmail web app. And this brings you various email inbox customization to view the emails.

If you set your particular Inbox type that you have used in Gmail on PC, now you are welcome the same function on your Android app. Now, everything happen on this new update when you use Gmail on your Android.

To bring the changes on Gmail, you have to go through Settings on your smartphone to modify the inbox type that you are using right at the moment.

* Open Gmail with sign in

* Settings

* Inbox type –> you can select Default Inbox, Important, Unread, Starred, and Priority Inbox.

This new update rolled out on your Gmail app for Android. That’s it.

Source: Gmail App

Via: G Suite Updates

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