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When it comes to cleaning for iPhone contacts, it will be a regular task. But using a free iOS application, the function provide you much easier and faster. Either, you don’t want to run third-party application, then you can go with manual process that can delete and easily merge contacts from your PC, but the action take a time.

Try Third-Party App:

If you care about using third-party application for contact list, then here is the application that we have identified from App store, Cleaner. When it comes to on your iPhone, the start listing duplicate contacts and their numbers, that help you to remove old contact details, and also take down to merge section with one single tap button.

While using Cleaner, it will ask you to make sign up account to access application, but this one not for all purpose.

* Home tab–>Duplicate Contacts and check the list of names on your contacts. Alternatively, you can select Duplicate Phones to view the list of duplicate numbers which is connected into various names. Through on this you can find some other way like Duplicate Emails and Similar Names.

* To resolve you just tap contact name or number. After that tap each contact details where it was linked with name. If the number want to remove then tap Edit and red button which is next to every single numbers.

* Under Merged Contact, you can see how the merged contact details.

* If you deleted outdated contact numbers, you can go through orange color Merge button to make merge one after one. If you are willing to merge all duplicates then tap grey Merge All Duplicates button.

This Cleaner app has some more useful details which highlights lost information adding no name, phone and email.

Try Manual:

If you aren’t interested to allow third-party application to your contact list, you can go straight away to display on iCloud account. For this you need to stay with backup.

* Login with iCloud account through browser

* Contact icon

* Settings–>Select All

* Once the contact selected, click cog wheel settings and Export vCard to make export all contacts through VCF file. This process make you backup, if you mistake to delete this function make regain those items.

* You can go through manually to the contacts from iCloud settings, and set manual delete duplicate contacts. If you want to delete contact, then click Delete button from your keyboard.

* To changes the contact, click Edit button and you can add or remove numbers or contact details.

Source: Cleaner

Via: MakeUseOf 

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