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I have been tried on my Android, that Google Assistant is pretty useful and more effect. Recently, you have been heard that Google I/O conversation, the new feature added to make it more experience on the right time.

That’s the reason Google adds 6 more voices to your Google Assistant, and these how you can change on your mobile phone. This isn’t a hardwork you can do simple.

Google Assistant Voice for your Phone:


To make changes on Google Assistant voice there six more new voices has been updated to your phone, and this you can achieve through Google Assistant’s settings.

Remember: To access more voices your Android phone required Android Marshmallow or later version.

* To start Long-press on your phone home button to enable Google Assistant.

* Press Explore button which is located on the top right corner.

* Tap Three-dot menu button.

* Settings

* Preferences

* Assistant voice

* Choose the voice on tap

You can access male and female voice through Google Assistant, and these are totally computer-generated function. That’s it.

Source: Google Assistant

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