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Have you been eyesight issues then you have a chance to make text bigger on your Windows 10 computer through applying on Settings which comes so simple on to you. To look at the text you don’t find third-party programs. Here is the option come first. This new feature has been introduced on Windows 10 Updated version.

First of all, you can extend the fonts to read the content more accurately. If you want to do both small or big then you have to move into Windows Ease of Access Settings. All you have to do load the Windows 10 Settings. Use Win + I button to run the machine. After that Ease of Access–> Display. On the right-hand side, you can find Slider which is named Make text bigger.

Now, you have to move the slider from the left to right to make the font bigger. After performing the text size, finally, you have to hit the Apply button to make changes. It will immediately bring the changes.

Import Notes: You can’t bring the changes to icons. It works for your text from small to bigger size. That’s it.

Via: Thewindowsclub

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