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Google Chrome v 69, it brings some special items on your Chrome browser. If you are using Windows 10 with an support of Google Chrome then you must realize that the Chrome introduces a new feature it’s called ” New Tab” page it will allow you to apply a new background image whether the Google image or personal collection to set an experience without boring any kind of place.

The new update brings on Google Chrome browser a center page. Which is located after search bar, there you can find URL link to make a new tab page to load faster without wasting time. These feature before we use with an support of Chrome extension, right now you no need to depend on any extension you can apply directly your favorite images on Google Chrome browser on the main page. Let’s start how to apply the new tab page on your Chrome browser at the center place.

* Open Google Chrome browser and load a new tab page.

* Once the Chrome completely loaded, Click the Cog wheel icon which is located on the right of the page. If you didn’t see those feature, all you have to do open with the full-screen setup.

* Click the gear icon settings and the small page will open to make customize the new tab page. And click Chrome backgrounds, and choose the pictures on the title base. When you open there you can see a plenty of hundreds of pictures with beautiful background color combination.

* If you aren’t satisfied with these images, you can choose to Upload an image, and find the picture file on your computer and click open button to apply a background image on the new tab page. Do it right now if you like this function.

That’s it.

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