Chris Lacy, he is a developer from Action Launcher come back with new ActionDash, the main concept to deliver phone usage visualizer which has been followed Google’s Digital Wellbeing and this one goes to live all smartphone devices.

After installing this ActionDash app, you just open it. The app clear down which apps taken up your time on the day. And also you know about the time of opening your phone, and number of notifications that your received. While swiping into different mode you can see day, an hour, and by the app.

If you see ActionDash app, it makes feel like Google’s Digital Wellbeing. These two apps are looks similar when you access on your phone. The new app comes with version 1.0 has multiple features that adding dark theme, and also exploring phone usage statistics about apps and that how much time you spend on your device.

The newly arrived ActionDash brings Action Launcher along with this to trigger phone usage stats and spend time on your phone. If you want to access complete feature then you need to unlock the pack with some bugs. Which brings you a dark theme to apply on your phone and many useful things on your phone screen.

That’s it.

Source: ActionDash

Via: ActionLauncher blog

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