Now, its welcomes to Android users, to be happy: If you are using Twitter on your Android phone it fixes the most important one that annoying you ”Top tweets first” on your Twitter timeline.

This new update brings users who frustrated with reading latest tweets whether it’s new or older one that shows and filled with timeline layout. Last year, Twitter brings new functionality for iOS users to get into the spot with latest tweets and through reverse chronological timeline display on the top of the application.

This function right now available whoever using Twitter on their Android phone. Either you want to list the latest tweets on the top all you have to do click on the top of right-hand side which you can find ”sparkle” icon on the feed. Hit the icon you can see the latest tweets which show for your interest. After you stay away from the activity you will be returned to the Home feed. But at the same time, if you keep reverse chronological view, your Twitter account will stay as long as you continue.

Now, if you are using Twitter on your favorite browser, you can bring the changes through Settings –> Privacy. Scroll the page and make uncheck ”Show best Tweets first.” If you have done the feature, you may see there is some changes happen based on the reverse chronological view. One more thing that you missed out or recommended tweets now available on those who follow the account they can keep on the track. That’s it.

Source: Twitter

Via: Lifehacker

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