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Anything you send or receive email, then you need protection for your content through on encryption. Probably, you will do through public free Wi-Fi connection that never gives us entire secure whether you need to send or receive your personal emails. There are few chances to handle these things to make weaken your hazards by rolling out your personal emails through encryption.

There are lots of room to sort out those issuances, but picking up this application OpenKeychain from your Android phone. You are set to go with free and fast.

OpenKeychain, it’s an open source application designed with OpenPGP on your Android devices. And also this OpenPGP carrying out the open source of PGP encryption. This one you can see on multiple programs. From this application, you have the public key, anyone can be. If you shared the public key to someone then they can encrypt any message to share you. But these encrypt messages will be opened through on your device. Because you have already private key. This may help you to link with the public key.

First, you need to download and install OpenKeychain app from play store. Setup the OpenKeychain user account doing with Create My Key and generate a name for the key and also you have to add email address along with the key. At the end of a point to finish the key preparation, you need to confirm the name and email ID, and you are welcome to share a public key. How it can be on your Android device. From your key account section, choose the three-dot Settings menu which is located on the top right corner, After that Advanced–>Share tab. Immediately, the feature will response with QR Code. You and your recipient on the same line then you can scan QR code easily with encryption to set automatically those imported key.

Finally, you have learned to send encrypted emails, but the situation if you want to decrypt using OpenKeychain. All you have to do point out PGP contents and the selection of your choice.

That’s it.

Source: OpenKeychain: Easy PGP
Via: MakeUseOf

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