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Personal Computer brands like Asus, HP, Dell, and more brings Windows operating system with built-in Windows Product key which you can activate on these devices. This one the brand’s named Original Equipment Manufacture or shortly we named OEM key. This will comes along with your computer PC. This embedded product key jointly comes with BIOS/EFI on the PC motherboard. Even, you can reinstall the Windows OS on the same PC multiple times. Anyway, the product key well-packed with the motherboard of the computer PC. This product key doesn’t support any other PC. You no need confuse between OEM or retail version. Both come with full versions of Windows OS, and that brings all useful features, current updates, and more that user wishes on their PC.

Now, how to find the Windows 10 Product key with simple way.

You have a two best way to find the product key on your PC. Here you go with a few steps to achieve the goal.

Try Command Prompt or PowerShell:

type Cmd –> ENTER

follow below path to apply on Command Prompt.

wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey

Finally, you will receive the Product key.

Next, use Windows 10 OEM product key tool

There is a tool which is named Software key finder for Windows 10 OEM Product Key Tool this one can help to retrieve the Windows 10 OEM Product Key faster and more secure in place.

Once you download the tool and the application will display the result immediately the finds out product key. These are the best way you can retrieve and reinstall at a time on your Windows whether your system fails to load some important files and folder this could be your chance.


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