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Pingo – it’s a free software tool for Windows and Linux operating system makes fast optimize images for Web. It uses for blogs and other purposes.

Important note, that Pingo is a command-line utility, you need to download GUI for Windows version and it called Pinga.

This tool will provide 64-bit project only. It doesn’t have a lot of information to preview but it runs on most of the current version of Windows and Linux based system.

Once you download and install the tool you can find on the GUI version of each image optimizer in most of the case. One more important note when you install GUI version the command line also added by himself. To know more about the command line click here.

You can get support PNG and JPG this one mostly used on the web. This image file will support most of the place. Whether you work JPG, PNG, and the rest it may come to you useful in spite of as it will allow plenty of other options. For the performance, you need to simply drag the file into the tool and this one stands in the queue. Any file format that isn’t suitable for this tool it will eject the file automatically. You can find the image file with complete details on this tool interface.

End of the program, you can find two buttons. Which explain Clear or Optimize. Doing this way the tool run fast to provide the result with new file size and reduction with percentage inside the display.

Finally, this Pingo or Pinga comes developing mode and this may get future update coming days. This tool comes with the basic structure and it needs to improve a lot of places to continue with their work. That’s it.


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