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Windows 10 is fully filled with temporary files it may help you some time to perform the system to do well. Rarely, these cache files become a corrupted, or it may do well performance on your PC. If your computer gets a low memory space or you have noticed unwanted behavior from your Windows 10, first you have to do clear every cache on your system.

Especially, there are two kinds of a method that you can make reset temporary files and file explorer history.

First Step: Disk Cleanup

Start menu–> type ”Disk Cleanup.”

Once the Disk Cleanup appears on the system through search results.

Set drive “C” and Click ”Ok”

Make a right mark next to Temporary files if you want to perform a particular drive to clean up unwanted files.

Finally, Click ”Ok”

To get the result it may take a few minutes, at the same time the temporary files cached will be smashed out.

Second Step: Clear File Explorer

You need to open File Explorer on Window. There is a way you need to open folder or File Explorer icon through on Windows taskbar which is available at the bottom of the screen.

Click ”View” tab on the Windows.

In their Strip, click ”Options.”

General tab –> Privacy section, and Clear.

Third Steps: Clear browser Cach

In present those important caches, you have to clear the cache on your web browser, mainly if you meet some problem opening some of the webpages.

If you are using Google Chrome, click three-dot menu on the top right corner, click History tab, and do click ”History” in menu that will displays. Click ”Clear browsing data” which is located on the left- hand pane and ”Clear data.”

Firefox, click three horizontal lines to enter the menu. Select ”Options.” Next see, ”Privacy&Security” page, Click Clear History–>Clear Now. That’s it.

And also if you see Microsoft Edge, click three-dot menu and ”Settings.” In the Clear browsing data, click ”Choose what to clear,” and Click ”Clear.”

That’s it.

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