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ProtonMail Bridge, the first release was in a beta version, after few testing, ProtonMail has been rolled out a full version to support email with encrypted service to the client Apple Mail, Microsoft’s Outlook, and Mozilla owned Thunderbird. This new entry comes through customize the app which connects the mail clients with safe with ProtonMail account.

The mobile user can try ProtonMail, because the custom encryption has been sorted out on Android and iOS compatible devices as well.

If you are interested, you need to download and install ProtonMail Brigdge application on the desktop computer. After you have successfully made installation to Bridge, include the email account to the email clients. At the moment the mail clients are Apple Mail, Outlook and Thunderbird. This ProtonMail right now supported Windows and macOS, and Linux support coming soon.

That’s it.

Source: ProtonMail

Via: 9to5Mac

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