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It’s all about drag and drop, when you play on your iPad device. This OS launched recently on to iOS. Yoink is a popular application from the App Store. It can offer many features like Clipboard integration, copy and sharing formula and more it comes through on this update.

The release brings v1.1 on the App Store. It brings Clipboard integration and 3D Touch allow you to save which you like with shortcut from the Home screen. You can use 3D Touch in Yoink app and you can make peek and pop to make previews, along with the complete layers.

The new update adds some useful and sort out some bug fixes. You can download URL’s from Yoink extension. If you come through download link you can share through Yoink extension. And this one ask you want to save the download link or you want to share those links. If you put later, than the Yoink start downloads in the background and save in their app section. This feature best for those who use Safar in iOS. To know more about this, please visit on their official site.

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Source: Yoink

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