Google is a Miracle, when you open Google Search engine the deeper you dig the treasure on your hand. That includes lot of things on Google search engine. Now we can see how Google search engine support viewing image with different file format and image recognition. How many people know about view GIF image format in Google search engine?Pic-1
Open Google Search engine on top left hand side you can find images, Click once on images button.

It will highlight Google image search engine, on search engine box type you want to see the prefer images with content.

The content image will appear on search list on search engine box down you can see Search tools click once.

You can change image format, which they have list on search engine list, Click
Any type” drop down menu will open .

On any type menu, open the drop down menu list  you can change the image format which you want to view like Face, Photo, Clip art, Line Drawing, Animated Gif format available to see Different images on Google search engine.

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